ScreenWriter5 Computer to Film Technology for Screen PrintersScreenWriter-5-pd.jpg

Saves Time and Money: Myriad film costs a fraction of traditional film when considering the price of camera equipment, processing equipment, and chemicals! And, since the ScreenWriter 5 prints directly on film which then can be processed with the Filmstar 4, screen printers can eliminate cumbersome darkroom procedures, saving a great deal of time and labor.

Eliminate tiling with oversized printing: Image Myriad film up to 13” x 35.5”. These page sizes give you the flexibility to print a variety of output on film or plain paper. The oversized printing capabilities of the ScreenWriter 5 reduces the need for tiling.

Adobe® Postscript®3™: Xante’s ScreenWriter 5 includes genuine Adobe® PostScript® 3™ software, assuring the best quality, performance, and compatibility available.

Myriad Clear Film: In addition to Myriad Matte Film, Xanté also offers Myriad Clear Film for imaging film positives. Using film positives often eliminates the need for stripping and filling in pinholes.