Anatol Vindicator

vindicator.pngThe Vindicator stands second to none...for those who demand and need the very best. Professional, ultra-high performance printing and finishing are the beginning and end of the perfect print job. This is far from an entry-level screen printing press. The Vindicator, is the ultimate choice of large, high-production screen printing shops. It provides all the upgrades needed to make anything from simple designs on light fabrics to elaborate 20-color prints on dark garments.

The Vindicator is available in 10-, 12-, 14-, 16-, 18-, and 20-color models with a maximum image area of 20" x 28" and comes with pallet size of 18" x 28". All models feature a heavy-duty steel frame, servo-driven indexers, servo-driven lift and lower, and servo-driven print heads to assure consistency, impeccable registration, and smooth production cycles.