Trident Jumbo

tridentjumbo-trident-aries-347x261.pngThe Trident Jumbo automatic screen printing press is a high-quality, high-production machine. When it comes to features and performance, the Trident Jumbo has it all. Optimally designed for large format and jumbo screen printing. The Trident Jumbo is a fully-automatic, servo-driven, high-volume machine with super fast set up times, innovative technology and impressive print speeds. It has everything you need to get the job done the moment you need it.

The full line of Trident presses is equipped with a servo-indexer allowing for a smarter, smoother indexing operation, and unlocking a time saving feature known as Step Back. The step back program allows you to double index to handle underbasing without having to send the shirt around twice.


  • Available in 8-16 stations with maximum image area of 30" x 40"
  • Available in 8-12 stations with maximum image area of 40" x 50"
  • Three point micro-registration adjustments (front-to-back, left-to-right, and rotational movement)
  • Servo-driven indexer
  • Multiple print-stroke capabilities
  • AC Driven print heads
  • Independent squeegee & flood bar speed adjustments
  • Adjustable side screen holders
  • Independently-set and calibrated squeegee and flood bar angles
  • Quick release pallet locks (also offered in slide-style mounting system)

Anatol Equipment's Trident Jumbo uses a digital, membrane button control system. The display's real-time production data and on-board self-diagnostics system help to quickly locate problems for minimal print interruption. Moreover, the Trident Jumbo's independent print-start/print-finish setting automatically activates and stops print heads at the beginning and end of production runs.