Anatol Trident Fully-Auto

trident2.pngWhen you need to move mountains of tees, screen printers select the Anatol Trident II.  The Trident II is a feature-rich, high-performance automatic textile printing press. When it comes to screen printing important projects on time, you need both quality and efficiency. The Trident is designed for high-volume textile printing and offers quick setups, impressive print speeds, efficient processing and other time saving features. You get the consistent quality you need, when you need it - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Trident II 
textile printing press will provide you with the consistent, high quality printing that you are looking for. You've already stepped up to the plate, now is the time to deliver with Trident. With Anatol Equipment's Trident, you have truly big league capabilities for textile printing.


Available in 10-20 stations
Digital servo-driven indexers
Multiple print-stroke capability
AC electric-driven print heads
Maximum image area of 20" x 28"
Independent print-start/print-finish setting