Anatol Thunder Manual Textile Screen Printing Press

Thunder-manual-press-334x215.pngThe Thunder Manual Press is our industrial grade manual press designed for constant high-demand screen printing. The Thunder is the most durable manual press on the market. The Thunder is the perfect compliment to any facility as a sampling or production machine. The Thunder is available in 4-Color/4-Station, 6-Color/4-Station, 6-Color/6-Station, 8-Color/4-Station, 8-Color/8-Station, 10-Color/10-Station and 12-Color/12-Station models.

The Thunder has the same pallet arm and carousel design as our larger automatic screen printing machines. The Thunder manual press is easy to set up and simple to use. Both carousels have a top and bottom bearing to give you easy movement through out the day. Those looking to increase production in their shop should consider an automatic entry level screen printing machine. Or if you're a smaller shop and want something a little more cost effective, you can check out Lightning manual press.