This heavy-duty air operated solvent recycle system is designed for a wide variety of ink removal operations. Available with either a 2gpm or 4gpm pump. Air regulator with filter. Your choice of 6’ 8’ or 10’ hose. Use with any size or style booth available to clean screens, flood bars and squeegees.


  • Chemical resistant air operated pump
  • Metal legs
  • 17 gallon baffled holding chamber
  • 10 micron flowtray filtration
  • Chemical resistant hose
  • Trigger gun operation
  • 10” flow thru brush
  • 4 universal casters for easy movement
  • Secondary washable cellulose melamine filter


This efficient low cost solvent washout system features the standard polylite booth and a modified recirculation system. The recirculation system uses a 2 gpm air operated pump, has a 6’ hose, a removable sludge sock and 17 gallon baffled holding chamber all mounted on a portable base.

The Inkmaster is a combination of our recirculating system listed above and a specially designed booth for solvent use. The 20 gauge galvanized steel booth has a unique internal ventilation duct system that pulls air from the bottom. This helps hold the fumes in the booth and away from the operator. Our standard size booth is 46” x 48” x 24” x 72” and will accept up to a 40” x 42” O.D. frame. Larger sizes available upon request.


  • Metal ConstructionECONOWASH.JPG
  • 20 gauge galvanized steel
  • Vent ready
  • 2 or 4 GPM pump
  • Air operated
  • Trigger action brush
  • M10 filtration system
  • 17 Gallon baffled tank