An Exposure Unit with Metal Halide Technology Without Metal Halide Price

  • 1200 Watt Instant Start Metal-Halide Point Light Source
  • Designed to Handle Today's Toughest Requirements
  • 20 Channel Scroll Set Light Integrator Featuring Auto-Optimize™ Technology
  • Specially Designed Blanket for Intimate Contact with NoAir Strings
  • 31" x 41" Maximum Screen O.D.
  • The Reliability and Dependability of AMERGRAPH's Industry Leading 3 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY
  • Automatic Vacuum Release System

Auto-Optimize™ Technology

  • 10 Factory pre-set programs.
  • Eliminates the hassle of doing multiple exposures.
  • A unique combination of an embedded software program in the AdVantage 20™ controller and a special test target, determine the absolute optimum exposure with just 1 test
  • 1 STEP ... FAST ... EASY

AdVantage™ 20 Light Integrator/Controller

  • Touch activated, user friendly keypad with an LED Digital Diplay
  • Lithium Battery Back-up prevents program loss due to unforeseen power failures
  • Vacuum gauge to inspect vacuum intensity
  • Exposure and Vacuum set buttons to customize your own programs
  • Auto-Optimize™ Technology.
  • Load the frame, press START and walk away.
  • Fully automatic operation completes the entire process.