Advantage Exposure Units

Metal Halide Screen Exposure Systems



The Lighting System

Instant-Start Megalume© Lighting - Patented Instant-Start circuitry, no costly idling time or expensive heat output from standby light sources. Efficient and economical to run, uses power only when exposure is being made. Choose from the 3000 watt or the dual power 7500/2000 watt lighting system which offers Hi-Power for the fastest exposures and Lo-Power for some of today's super fast emulsions. Both offer Super Doped Broad Spectrum Metal Halide Lamps.

The Vacuum System

Staged Vacuum - Vacuum is set automatically by the AdVantage Tm 20 lntegrator/Controller. Controlled by automatic pressure, followed by a programmed time delay.

The Vacuum Blanket

Quik-Change Deep Well Vacuum Blanket - Extra long lasting, UV Inhibited, Quik-Change vacuum blanket. Molds in seconds to the screen shape for perfect contact. All AdVantage Exposure Systems use our special nylon coated cellular rubber blanket material, the only Direct Screen Systems that Do Not Reqilire Air Strings.

The Integrator

AdVantage 20 Scroll-Set lntegrator Controller Standard with all Metal Halide Exposure Systems. Features 10 factory pre-set programs controlling vacuum and integrated exposures, plus 10 blank programs to be customized by you! Load the frame, press START and WALK AWAY! Fully automatic operation completes the entire process.