QCM QMX Quick Matching System


QMX is the world’s most accurate and easiest to use Pantone® licensed mixing system for plastisol textile inks. The QMX system consists of 12 phthalate free colored inks, a phthalate free transparent base and a phthalate free white base, which can be mixed to create over 1,000 standard colors. QMX is Pantone® licensed and has been approved by major designer labels.

QMX enables textile printers to mix consistently accurate colors in batches of any size to meet the needs of specific print jobs. QMX saves money and increases print shop efficiency by eliminating the delays and overheads associated with having to order and stock a wide inventory of pre-mixed colored inks. QMX does away with messy pigment powders and old-fashioned color concentrates that do not mix properly.

The basic QMX system can be extended to also mix vivid fluorescent colors and metallics by simply substituting inks from our QMX Plus line.

The QMX Plus line consists of 7 fluorescent colored inks, a sparkling silver base and an opaque base, which can be ordered as a kit or individually.

QMX Quick Match System

To eliminate the tedious and error-prone job of scaling color formulas, QCM has developed its all-new QMX Quick Match System. The QMX Quick Match System is a free, easy-to-use software application, which automatically calculates the precise quantities needed to mix any user-defined batch of any Pantone® color. The QMX Quick Match System is machine independent and will run on a Windows, Mac or Linux system.

The latest software updates and color formulas can be simply uploaded by clicking the "Live Update" button in the software.

Apart from calculating standard Pantone® color mixes, the QCM Quick Match System also allows you to normalise and store the formulas for all of the cool colors that you have mixed for your customers. Colors can be saved in customer specific folders, making it even easier to find and recreate them when the customer re-orders. To store a new color in "My Colors" you simply name it and enter the weights of the ingredient components. No matter if you made a cupful or a bucketful - the QMX Quick Match System will automatically normalise your color formula. All formulas stored in "My Colors" are securely stored on your own computer. They are not uploaded, giving you full control over your intellectual property.