Matsui Chromicolor


Chromicolor® ink creates color change directly on a product's surface. Imagine your logo changing color when a beverage reaches just the right temperature, now that's cool. Or a product's temperature indicator goes from blue to red to let you know the heat is on. That's a hot idea. Or a shirt that changes color with the touch of a hand. Now that's so hot, it's cool.

Chromicolor® ink can give a product the capability to reveal a hidden message. And don't tell anyone, but Chromicolor® ink is even being used in the security industry. We'd tell you more, but it's top secret.

The applications for color change are never ending, ranging from the fanciful to the functional. And with vision and imagination, you'll find there's a rainbow of bright ideas yet to be explored.

But Chromicolor® Isn't Just About Ink, It's a Whole Lot More.

Chromicolor® by Matsui is a complete line of temperature-sensitive, color-changing inks, paints and resin concentrates. The world of Chromicolor® continues to expand and evolve leaving a colorful mark on international markets. After all, Matsui knows that a good impression should be a lasting one.