Professional Grade All-Electric Automatic Press

002.jpgThe Art of Screen Printing just got simpler! Anatol removed the weakest link. Pnematics are gone from the Volt! Replaced with reliable long-lasting servo electric technolog.  Consider, no pneumatic parts to break/leak! No down time due to failed tubing, fittings or air cylinders. Less maintenance which in turn means less expense and less down time! The Volt is extremely energy efficient, save over 52% when comared to pnematic presses that run on compressors and chillers. Bottom line --- more profit for your shop and less headaches! Quiet operations allow you to use the Volt almost anywhere.  Reliability, durability and an intuitive oprating system are just a few reasons the Volt is the choice for your company's new automatic press.  All of this at an affordable cost. The Family of Volts have a configuration of images sizes and print heads for any shop! The Volt. The Logical Choice!

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