Cameo 24, 30 & 38

The Cameo Screen Printing machines are designed and manufactured with the toughest print shops in mind. These tough little printing machines have given and will give years of continuous, reliable service.

Cameo_Pic.jpgWith a +/- .001" repeatability, micro-registration controls, adjustable print stroke and electronic controls, American M&M's Cameo Screen Printers offer the perfect combination of highly versatile production, up to date controls and user-friendly operation. Made in America, the Cameo is a highly prized possession, for unparalleled printing accuracy and dependability.

When the time comes to equip your shop with a new screen printing press that combines precision, speed and durability for accurate prints time after time, turn to the Cameo by American M&M. After all, that's why we have sold thousands of them all over the world and now they have become "The Printer's Choice."


  • Aluminum Print Bed Seamless, non-oxidizing, warp-resistant, antistatic metal printing surface.
  • Micro-Registration Three-way registration system aligns screen, copy and vacuum bed for +/- .00 I print repeatability.
  • Independent Print/Flood Speed Control Individually controlled squeegee & flood bar speeds are standard on these professional printing machines.
  • Adjustable Print Stroke Print stroke can be adjusted from full to half length, with repositioning of one bolt.
  • Off-Contact Peel Control Centralized peel control adapts peel rate to different substrates, screen tensions, and ink types.
  • Squeegee Control Mechanically adjustable squeegee & flood bar pressure assures consistent quality printing.
  • Emergency Safety Bar Wraparound safety bar along with dynamic brake motor assure effective stopping.
  • Foot Pedal Switch Single cycle control, frees operator's hands for maximum production mobility.

Optional Features

  • T-Shirt Attachment Special pallet replaces standard bed for printing t-shirts, cut goods, and other textiles material.
  • Masterframe Screen Holder Locks in front during print cycle for improved repeatability.
  • Winged Style Flood Bar Captivate ink within print area.
  • 240V 50160 HZ Voltage Special electrics for export.