The PREMIER Series UV curing units are recommended for high speed curing applications.

The UV curing unit is a combination of UV cure and Ambient cooling all within one 12' chamber. I or 2 separately controlled UV curing lamps, capable of operating at 200/300 Watts per Inch. Each are located under a focused reflector, each powered by a controlled power supply.

A self contained water recirculating system is built-in. This provides a safe and effective cooling of the UV reflector, keeping operation at maximum output without excess heat buildup on printed substrate.

A series of ambient cooling boxes, supplied by a high efficiency cooler blower are located inside the chamber and are adjustable from I " to 3" off conveyor be[LThis allows to impinge high velocity ambient air on to moving substrate.

The conveyor system is a modular rail with belt supports and supplied with a fiberglass Teflon coated conveyor belt, driven by a 1/2 H.P SCR DC drive motor.

Conveyor speed is adjustable from S to 120 ERM.

The control panel provides functions for all operations of the Premier reactor, including the digital conveyor speed indicator and independent blowers and exhaust controls.

Standard Features

  • Available in I or 2 lamps
  • Focused water cooled lamp assembly with standard 200/30OWPI
  • Full featured control panel
  • Digital EP.M. indicator and hour meter
  • Heavy duty exhaust blower for sheet hold down, contaminant removal.
  • Slide out tray for easy access to lamp assembly
  • Vacuum hold down under cooling section.
  • D.C. Conveyor drive.

Safety Features

  • Access safety circuit prevents unit from being turned on with panels open.
  • Water safety circuit prevents startup without water.
  • Ground fault safety circuit automatically shuts down when main ballast goes to ground.
  • Exhaust safety circuit prevents start up when exhaust is off.
  • Emergency stop buttons.
  • Belt interlock prevents start up with conveyor belt off.