aluminum pre-stretched screens

These light weight aluminum screens are not affected by moisture or warping. they represent the perfect combination of low cost and long life. for the printer who wants a more stable screen while avoiding the high cost and extra labor of retentionable frames. 
*call for details on our re-stretching program.

pre-stretched screen sizes

20” x 24” w/85, 110, 160, 230 & 305 
23” x 31” w/110, 160, 230 & 305

pre-made aluminum frames

Sizes available 20” x 24”, 23” x 31” & 25” x 36”
*stretching is available in a variety of mesh counts

custom made frames

Available in wood, aluminum and retentionable

mesh by the yard

available in the following mesh counts 30, 80, 110, 125, 158, 173, 200, 230, 255, 280, 305, 355, 380, 420
*other mesh counts available

cyanoacrylate mesh adhesive

2-part adhesive used to glue mesh to frame, requires 211 adhesive activator to cure. Comes in thicknesses of: 20 cps, 700 cps, and 1500 cps

emulsion coaters

pro-m-coater provides a dual edge with a duller and sharper side to give you the capabiliy to apply more or less emulsion to your screens. Coater end caps sold seperately.

hinge clamps, sidekicks & micro registration systems

jiffy hinge clamps
sidekicks 6” & 9” available
microprint correlator (enables micro registration on x-y axis in a 1” range in all directions)

MDF pallets with no hardware

16” x 16” standard size
12” x 16” youth pallet
4” x 20” single sleeve pallet
*other sizes also available


We make custom squeegees to any size using wood handles, sell just the blade only, or can replace just the blade on your existing squeegees. as a service to our customers we also sharpen most squeegees at no charge. 
A variety of styles & configurations are available including, single durometer, triple durometer and double bevel.

screen tapes

PMI - split tape white/blue this is used to tape the inner edge of the frame where mesh and frame meet. blue non adhesive area goes on the frame and white area goes on the mesh. it will not leave adhesive residue, break or damage emulsion when removed. it is avalable in 3” by 60 yards. pmi tape gun available for dispensing split tape easily and efficiently in screens.
PMI - quick rip clear used to tape the print side of mesh as a blockout tape or use on the inside edge of the frame. hand tearable, no dispenser or knife needed. this has a blue ½ inch non adhesive edge that provides tab for easy removal. it will not leave adhesive residue, break or damage emulsion when removed. it is avalable in 3” by 60 yards.
PMI – full adhesive white used to tape the inner edge of the frame, as a block out tape or apply to the mesh where the squeegee rides to protect the screen from breaking down and for easier ink clean up. it will not leave adhesive residue, break or damage emulsion when removed. it is available in 3” by 60 yards.
sp 14 black used to tape the inner edge of the frame or as a block out tape. it will not leave adhesive residue, break or damage emulsion when is available in 2” widths by 60 yards.
2000 blue this is used to tape the inner edge of the frame, as a block out tape or apply to both sides of screen forming and adhesive bond resisting inks and cleaning solvents. is durable with an agressive acrylic adhesive and will withstand mulitple washings. it will not leave an adhesive residue. it is available in 2” & 3” widths by 36 yards.
polyken a cloth tape designed for covering the back of the frame, over the screen edge or for the inside edge of the frame where a very durable long term tape is needed. it is available in 2” & 3” widths by 60 yards.
4350 pallet protection tape used to protect pallet and provides easy clean up once lint buld up is ready to be removed. white saturated smooth paper provides a sharp image and has a heat resistant adhesive coating. it is available in an 18” x 100 yard roll.

aerosol spray adhesives

384 super flash pallet mist adhesive specially formulated for flash cure applications. it remains tacky even when exposed to high temperatures when curing plastisol inks. ideal for t-shirts
83 web pallet adhesive quick-drying, ideal for sweat shirts and thicker textile fabrics. will not transfer to fabric nor will it allow shifting of the material.
66 premium mist adhesive this is usually used for paper products and in art departments for layouts. but can also be used on t-shirts and other fabrics. it will not transfer to the fabric.

other aerosol products

957 instant screen opener helps prevent ink cologing in screens by opening up dried-in areas. it is designed for all screen printing inks.
909 orange power plus is ideal for on press clean up of plastisol inks. is 99.9% biodegradable and has no ozone depleating chemicals with a pleasant orange smell.
208 toner aid greatly improves toner image quality and opaqueness by creating higher resolutions and density on transparency film, vellum, paper, and any dry toner generated media.
50 glass cleaner for use on exposure units, light tables and copy boards. evaporates quickly and will not leave a film residue. contains no silicone or ammonia, only perfume-grade alcohols which have the best cleaning agent ingredients and have the lowest risk of adverse interaction with other materials.
211 adhesive activator this works with most cyanoacrylate adhesives to form a quick and permanent bond. being an aerosol it allows for even application. activates adhesive on metal, wood, plastic & ceramics.

spot cleaning remover, guns and exhausters

expert premium 303 designed for the expert cleaning gun & other spray out guns on the market. This product will remove cured and uncured plastisol, water base and catalized inks. Also removes vinyl lettering, grease, dirt, adhesives and more. This product will not harm textiles and is fast drying.

expert 3000 spot cleaning gun This high preasure spot removal gun has a fully adujustable heavy duty spray nozzle that can quickly change from a pin point to a fine mist. Lightweight and durable. It is specifically designed with a fluid-saving, 3000 psi. high-pressure pump that speeds up cleaning and saves fluid. It has a vented housing to keep gun cool for long use and can be safely used on all textiles. An optional direct feed system is also available, to save time and mess of filling gun.
exhauster Having an exhauster can reduce airborne chemicals and vapor by up to 97%. The high speed drying action eliminates ringing and speeds up the spot cleaning process. Available as a tabletop model or as a complete exhauster super station with cleaning gun support, weight balancer, inspection light, comfortable height legs and special arm attatchment. A charcoal filter is option available.

scrubber pads and handles

scrub pads come in red (more abrasive) and white (less abrasive).
scrub handles have a quick grip for removing and replacing pads.

disposable low lint wipes

absorbal low lint wipe highly absorbant, have a soft cloth like feel and are strong and durable. Box of 120 wipes that are 10” x 16”. 

screen sprayer

trigger jet hose attatchment is a lightweight spray gun that produces a fine spray at 150psi. This tool is helpful in developing high detailed images after uv exposure. The trigger jet is not recomended for reclaiming.

pellon test print sheets

white - 16” x 18” 100 per package (also sold by the case, 500 sheets)
black - 16” x 18” 100 per package (also sold by the case, 500 sheets)

temperature tapes

thermo label tape easily records the temprature of your inks in the curing process so under curing and over curing is not an issue. Being accurate to + or - 1% of the rated temperature, this inexpensive option eliminates the need for costly equipment and is more accurate. Each package contains 16 strips with 5 temperature readings in 10 degree increments per strip. These are a must when dealing with heat cured inks to insure cracking, flaking or washout does not occur.
#5 thermo label ranges 290 degrees to 330 degrees. recommended for final cure of textiles.
#4 thermo label ranges 240 degrees to 280 degrees. recommended for flash curing of textiles.
* other temperature ranges are available upon request.

solvent resistant gloves

solvex glove this reusable solvent resistant glove provides excelent resistance to a variety of chemicals and solvents. Two sizes are available.
nitrile disposable glove this latex free, examination grade, powder free, disposable glove comes 100 per box, in sizes large and x-large and are blue in color.

spatulas, stir sticks, goop scoops & ink dispensor

stainless steel ink spatulas available in 4”, 6”, 8” & 12” sizes.
wood stir sticks available in 9” & 12” sizes.
goop scoops plastic ink scoop, easily removes ink from screens and multiple sizes of containers. With a special notch that allows complete emptying of your containers.
plastic ink scraper this is great for removing ink from screens. is flexible and has rounded edges to eliminate possible tearing of mesh. These can be easily cleaned and reused. it measures 3 5/8” x 5½”.
plastic applicator comes in 1½” or 3” wide. these are great for applying water blockout to screens and for applying liquid pallet adhesive to pallets.
ink dispensor pump great for manually pumping ink from 5 gallon containers into your screen or into containers when mixing colors.

jiffy mixers

hs-1 ink mixer large mixing attachment that can be put in a hand held drill or drill press, to mix ink in quart or gallon containers.
lm ink mixer small mixing attachment that can be put in a hand held drill or drill press, to mix ink in pint or smaller containers.

mixing containers

40 oz. white plastic with screw on lid, perfect for mixing quart quantities so you have room in the container for mixing.
32 oz. clear plastic with screw on lid, nice to visibly see contents.
1 gallon white plastic with handle and snap on lid
32 oz metal with snap on lid
1 gallon metal with handle and snap on lid for ink
32 oz. metal with screw on lid for solvents
1 gallon metal with handle and screw on lid for solvents
mixing cups non lined heavy duty paper mixing cups are available in 8 oz.

heat transfer paper & teflon sheets

T-75 cold peel transfer paper this paper can be printed on either side. Having dimensional stability the T-75 is an exceptional choice for screen printed, multi-color plastisol transfers. Having a smooth surface, this produces high quality graphics using a minimal amount of ink. T-75 will shrink as all transfer papers do, but the shrinkage is minimal and will be consistant from sheet to sheet so registering multi-color prints is easy. Available in 12½” x 12½”, 500 sheet package. *other sizes also available
soft trans hs60 for hot split transfers provides excellent ink hold out and promotes extended shelf life for the printed transfer. This paper can be printed on either side and will provide you with an easy to use paper to produce the very best quality transfers. It is available in 12½” x 12½” or 15” x 15” 500 sheet package.
Teflon sheets available in 14” x 16” & 16” x 20” sheets.
*other sizes available upon request.

film positive media

positive pro ink jet film comes in a 4 mil. thickness, in sheets or by the roll and is water resistant. 100 sheets per box, available in sizes 8 ½” x 11”, 11” x 17”, 13” x 18”, 17” x 22”, 
rolls available 100’ long, in the following widths, 13”, 17”, 24”, 36”, 42” & 60”
kimodesk laser film available in 4mil & 3mil thickness, 100 sheets per box
sheet sizes available 8 ½” x 11, 8 ½” x 14”, 11” x 17”, 13” x 18 ½”, 13” x 20”, 13” x 25”
*other sizes are available. with 13” being the widest.

opaquing touch up pens

lithopaque pens perfect for touching up film positives & negatives. they have a fast drying water resistant opaque ink that works well with all photographic and lasergraphic films. Available in fine & ultra fine tips.

exposure calculator

chromaline calculator sheet may be used with any exposure unit at any distance. This toll is used to quickly establish correct screen exposure time, halftone reproduction targets, and print resolution quality checks. Also aids in correcting your exposure time due to lamp aging.

dual cure direct emulsion

saati graphic hu red with 40% solids, provides you the highest detail, even when using lower mesh counts. Upon drying, this emulsion lacks the tackiness typical of other dual cure emulsions, resisting sticking of film positives. Graphic hu is resistant to plastisol, uv, solvent based and water based inks, and is also non-hazardous and biodegradable. 
chromaline udc-2 green with 36% solids, having superior exposure speed, latitude and moderate water resistance, the udc-2 gives excellent definition and line edge.
chromaline udc-ace green with 37.58% solids, the udc-ace is more durable and water resistant than the udc-2, can withstand long print runs, has outstanding resistance to water and solvent based inks and adhesives. UDC-ace is also heat and humidity resistant.

1 part pure photopolymer direct emulsions

saati graphic pu blue with 40% solids, graphic pu has the convenience and speed of a pure photopolymer with the versatility and price of a dual cure. resistant to plastisol, uv and solvent based inks. graphic pu has excelent water resistance when post-exposed.
saati graphic ps2 blue with 34% solids, this is a low cost alternative for a 1-part emulsion. graphic ps2 is resistant to plastisol, uv and solvent based inks and is easy to reclaim.
image mate pc 701 blue with 52% solids, this is possibly the fastest exposing 1-part emulsion, providing very high stencil build up with minimal coats. pc 701 is for plastisol inks only and only biodegradable or mineral spirits should be used for ink removal with this emulsion.
image mate pc-787 violet with 44% solids having low viscosity, the pc-787 holds exceptional detail like a dual cure, but cures in half the time. has quick stencil buildup with a smooth finish. formulated for industrial printing the pc-787 will endure thousands of impressions with plastisol, uv and conventional inks.

diazo emulsion

chromaline cp-tex with 42% solids this is an excelent choice for printers using water based inks. cp-tex has excelent coatability on a variety of mesh counts, and exposes quickly with a high resolution.

capillary films & phat film

chromaline pro/cap this diazo based capillary film is a convenient, dependable performer with a reputation for producing trouble-free screens. good for use with plastisol, uv and solvent-based inks. pro/cap has superior film penetration and adhesion on a multitude of mesh counts.
*available in 15, 18, 25, 30, 38 and 50 micron film thicknesses, in either rolls or custom cut sheets.
chroma/tech super phat film this is the ideal choice for printers seeking a heavy ink deposit in a variety of applications. phat film works well for textile printers using high density inks, while industrial and electronic printers will appreciate it giving an extreme stencil build-up. phat film is fast exposing, fast drying with no "orange peel" effect.
*available in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 & 700 micron thicknesses. *available in 26” x 7’ rolls or sheets 8” x 10” (5 pack) & 17" x 24" – (10 pack)

emulsion remover / stripper

franmar - strip-e-doo biodegradable and soy based this ready to use emulsion remover will effectively penetrate and completely desolve emulsion and capillary film, without weakening screen mesh. also containing a degreaser it helps to eliminate further steps.
saati chem - er-2 concentrate (1:35 ratio) is a biodegradable stencil remover that quickly breaks down direct emulsion and capillary films. safe on all mesh types.

biodegradable ink remover / screen wash

saati chem - ir-4 this water driven textile ink degradent works well on plastisol, nylon and waterbased inks and will also reduce ink staining. it will also remove adhesive build up on pallets and equipment.
saati chem - ir-11. this ink degradent works well on plastisol, graphic and uv inks. going one step farther, it will all but elimate the need for haze removers, with its excelent stain removing capabilities. this will also remove adhesive build up on pallets and equipment.
saati chem - pw-4 for use with plastisol inks, this press wash is used for print maintenance and color changes. when used properly this will not leave an oily residue behind. tape can be ra applied immediately. it has a pleasant orange scent.
saati chem - pw-5 highly effective on all inks, great for general screen maintenance and color changes, with a pleasant orange scent.
franmar - greeneway this soy based concentrated formula can be dilluted up to 50% with water. for plastisol and waterbased inks it provides less wear on emulsions while being user and equipment safe. this can be used at full strength to remove uv and solvent based inks.
rhino tech - sw145c this citrus-scented, water-soluble screen wash is designed to work quickly on plastisol. this is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
sprayway - #909 orange power plus aerosol is ideal for on press clean up of plastisol inks. is 99.9% biodegradable and has no ozone depleating chemicals with a pleasant orange smell.

solvent based ink remover / screen wash

5140 screen wash removes plastisol uv and graphic inks, evaporates quickly and will not leave an oily residue behind. original gallon and 5-gallon containers can be refilled at a discounted price. 
mineral spirits is a low cost ink cleaner that removes plastisol, and graphic inks which include enamel and poster inks only. original gallon and 5-gallon containers can be refilled at a discounted price.
sprayway - #957 aerosol helps prevent ink cologing in screens by opening up dried-in areas. it is designed for all screen printing inks.


saati chem - direct prep 2 for use on monofilament, multifilament and stainless steel mesh. has a dyed color to insure complete rinse from mesh. is highly recommended for use with direct photopolymer emusions and has a built in wetting agent. greatly enhances adhesion of emulsion to mesh, even when under exposed. 
franmar - d-grease this soy based degreaser is fast drying and ideal for removing any residue of cleaning solvents left on your screen.
chromaline - 260 degreaser is a multi-purpose concentrated citrus product that will work as a degreaser, ink degrader .

wetting agent / mesh abraider / degreaser

saati chem - direct prep 1 this one step wetting agent mesh abraider and degreaser is great for preparing new monofilament fabrics. its dyed color ensures complete rinse from mesh. 
saati chem - direct prep 2 for use on monofilament, multifilament and stainless steel mesh. has a dyed color to insure complete rinse from mesh. this is highly recommended for use with direct photopolymer emusions. has a built in wetting agent. greatly enhances adhesion of emulsion to mesh, even when under exposed.
saati chem - direct prep 3 all the benefits of the direct prep 2 in a concentrate. mix one part direct prep 3 with 10 parts water.
chroma/wet this is recommended for use with capillary and indirect films. it creates a uniform sheeting of water on the surface of mesh. it enhances adhesion for overall film coverage.

haze / ghost remover

saati chem - hr-3 this biodegradable fast acting paste will provide the highest strength cleaning power in minutes.
franmar - d-haze this soy based biodegradable dehazer completely eliminates ink and haze left in screens without damaging mesh.
rhinotech - hr-2800 removes imbedded plastisol, uv and conventional inks (haze / ghost images) that remain on the screen following emulsion removal. this effectively dissolves the ink constituents; resins, binders, pigments, plasticizers, etc. allowing for water-rinse removal.

stencil blockouts

saati chem - finish s1 this red liquid blockout is plastisol solvent based and uv ink resistant. this can be easily removed with water.
saati chem - finish s2 thicker than the finish s1, this blue water soluable blockout is plastisol solvent based and uv ink resistant. having increased filling power it works well on coarser meshes.
saati chem - finish w1 this blockout offers very high solid content to increase durablity for use with water based, plastisol, uv, and solvent based inks. it can be removed with emulsion reclaiming chemicals and a pressure washer.
chromaline - 421 blockout red is a safe water-soluble blockout for use with non-water-based inks. this can be used for touch-ups when thinned with water.
ulano no. 10 extra heavy block-out a heavy, safe, water-soluble blockout for use with non-water-based inks. this is useful with coarser mesh. it can be used for touchups when thinned with water.

pallet adhesive

tex tac is a liquid water based adhesive for adhering textiles to pallets. a single application my hold hundreds of garments before re-applying is necessary. textac is more cost effective than spray adhesive and less messy. 
sprayway - #384 fast tack aerosol mist spray adhesive for textiles
sprayway - #83 web adhesive aerosol web adhesive for textiles
sprayway - #66 spray adhesive aerosol spray adhesive for paper or textiles.

adhesive remover

franmar - icky sticky unstuck works great to remove adhesive and lint build up on pallets, overspray on your press and floors, and also ink from squeegees and machines
saati chem - ir-4 ink remover, also works well at removing adhesive.
saati chem - ir-11 ink remover, also works well at removing adhesive

hand cleaner

saati hc-8 this is for safe and easy removal of screen pringing inks and the toughest industrial dirt and grime. this cherry scented triple blend of moisturizer, emollient and conditioner protects skin and prevents chapping. this is a safe alternative to aggressive solvents, being only mildly abraisive. hand pump is available for gallon container.

scorch remover

franmar scorch-e-doo developed to remove light scorching and burn marks caused by some dryers and flash cure units. working on all textiles, it’s bleaching action eats through the scorch then evaporates away while remaining environmentally friendly.

pantone color guides & books

pantone guide book includes both c & u books along with a new book containing the plus series of 336 new colors.
t-shirt printers survival manual great for beginners or those who want to learn more about printing t-shirts and other textiles.

plastisol ink suppliers

qcm - known for having a creamy consistancy, qcm is easy to work with along with providing high opacity for great coverage on most textiles. qcm is ideal for manual and automatic press printing. qcm inks are phthalate free and environmentally friendly. 
excalibur - provides good opacity and soft hand finish. excalibur is ideal for automatic press printing. excalibur also offers a variety of additives and specialty inks.

waterbase ink suppliers

matsui - compared to other waterbased lines on the market, matsui is more user friendly, as it takes much longer to dry in the screen than most other water based inks. you can also print up to a 305 mesh count with matsui, which is rare in most water based inks.

graphic ink suppliers

nazdar we are a proud distributor of the nazdar line of graphic screen printing inks. whether printing for indoor or outdoor applications, on paper, plastics, textiles, metal, glass or containers and packaging, there’s a nazdar ink that’s right for every job.

We and nazdar are dedicated to offering screen printing inks that help you achieve higher levels of economy and performance, along with special formulations to meet your unique requirements.