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Automatic Textile Presses: Anatol Stratus II Jumbo, Trident Jumbo, Pegasus Jumbo anf Titan

Manual Textile Presses: Anatol Lightning, Anatol Thunder, Vastex V-1000 Entry Level Press

Flash Dryers: Anatol Rapid Wave Color Saver Flash, Vastex V-Flash, Vastex Air-Flash, Vastex AutoFlash

Dryers: Vastex Big Red, Vastex EconoRed II, EconoRed I

Pre-Press: Vastex E-1000 Exposure Unit, Vastex E-2331 Exposure Unit, Vastex DriVault 10, 24, 5136, Vastex VRS Pin Registration System, Xante Film Maker

Other: QCM Inks, Excalibur Inks, Matsui Inks Franmar, PMI Tapes