QCM Company manufactures the highest quality phthalate free textile screen printing inks on the market today. An innovator in the screen printing industry, QCM has been manufacturing inks for over 30 years. QCM offers opaque fast-flash inks (XOLB), the world famous Glacier White ink, bleed resistant polyester inks (PERM), opaque Wet-On-Wet inks (WOW), a Pantone® color matching system (QMX), waterbased inks, specialty inks and adhesives.


SaatiChem formulates and manufactures a broad range of photosensitive films and emulsions, lacquers, mesh pretreatments, adhesives, fillers/blockouts, and reclaiming chemicals.

SaatiChem dual-cure products lack the tackiness of typical dual-cures, our photopolymers are extremely durable, our unique water-based triple-cure emulsion make permanent, waterproof stencils, and our two-part adhesives have unrivaled curing speed and solvent resistance.

image mate™

image mate™ offers direct emulsions, screen printable adhesives, cleaning solutions, and pallet adhesives for the screen print industry. image mate™ products are designed to create quality, trouble-free screens that meet the needs of today's demanding print jobs.

Specialty Materials

Specialty Materials is a leading provider of plotter cut films and digitally printable media used for heat transfer textile decoration. They offer a wide selection of heat transfer films; offering over 20 different product lines that encompass a vast selection of colors and patterns to fit every type of apparel decoration need. Regardless of what type of garment you are embellishing, Specialty Materials can provide a heat transfer film well suited for the task and Technical Service and Supply are proud to offer the most dependable products on the market.

Technical Service & Supply is a third generation family-run business which was established in 1969 by Roy W. Marsh Jr. Previous to 1969, Roy W. Marsh Sr. established R.W. Marsh & Son in 1934 which specialized in Screen Printing of bill boards, point-of-purchase, decals, metal face panels and four color process.

Technical Service & Supply offers high quality equipment, inks, mesh and other related supplies. Technical Service & Supply is always looking for new High Quality items to offer our customers. We also keep up to date on the ever-changing technologies that relate to the Screen Printing Industry.

We know how to use what we sell that comes from over 65 years of production background in the Screen Printing industry. We also work closely with our customers to insure we have what you need when you need it to help prevent down times in your production schedule.

Digital HeatFX

Digital HeatFX offers laser transfer papers for hard surfaces as well as light and dark garments as well as transfer papers for sublimation printers for both light and dark garments including 100% cotton!

The very popular Laser Transparent paper has no background, and is a no cut and no weed paper — just design, print and press! You can create full color light colored shirts in minutes from complex artwork. It only transfers whatever color is in your design and no unused transfer material is pressed onto the garment.

Laser Dark transfer paper is a premier print and cut solution for dark garments that has a soft hand and excellent washability.

Flex-Soft is a totally new transfer media for plotter/cutters in screen printing quality. It is a brand-new innovation and differentiates completely from all other Cad-Cut, Vinyl or Flex Materials, through its soft touch and easy weeding. It works on a wide variety of materials from silk to cotton. It is highly opaque - great for dark and light garments with smooth or rough textures. It weeds incredibly well and you can distress it, layer it, foil it, and sprinkle it with glitter!

Technical Service and Supply is your source for Subli-Basic, Subli-Dark, Laser Transparent, Laser Classic Universal, Laser Dark and Flex-Soft.